Failure is an Option

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The Cannes Lions Festival is so imbued with success that failure seems an illogical topic. All along the Croisette, delegates ask each other how many campaigns they have listed and how many converted. Chief Creative Officers (the most appropriate CWOs to attend the festival) make trophy tallies as a kind of Lion leaderboard. And the festival itself centres around the world’s largest advertising award show in which the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the pops, are given metal lions. The winning work is scrutinized and shared by thousands around the world, to glean insights, be inspired, and hopefully beat next year.

However, across many of the 2014 festival seminars on several stages, speakers seemed intent on building an industry-wide culture in which failure is good. Perhaps because failure is one of the few things we all have in common.

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10 Things We Have Learned From Apple & U2


For several years, brands have provided people with things for free, incentives, gifts with purchase, and all manner of ‘surprise and delight’ offerings to make people happy. Now it seems, consumers aren’t happy when they get something for nothing. As one commentator remarked on Twitter: “We are now scraping the bottom of the barrel of first-world problems.”

While brands will certainly learn from the Apple/U2 incident, I think we could all personally learn something to help avoid a similar calamity in our private lives, from the new perils surrounding the giving of birthday gifts to friendly donations, from over-filled wine glasses to toys in our cereal boxes.

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